May 23, 2018
How to Leaderboard During Regionals
By CrossFit
The CrossFit Games app is where it's at!
The CrossFit Games app is where it's at!

The CrossFit Games app is where it's at! Download it now on your smart phone or mobile device (Android or iOS) to keep tabs on all your favorite Regionals athletes and teams, and to access up-to-date information on all the events all weekend long. 

New Features

Top Regional Athletes

This feature allows for quick, easy access to who's in the top five and headed to the Games from each of the various Regionals. Also, this year for the first time, you'll be able to see a cross-Regional comparison that ranks the top athletes in each region against each other. To see the cross-Regional comparison in the "Top Regional Athletes" module in the app, select the "All Regional" option. 

To see beyond the top five at each Regional, just click "View This Leaderboard" at the bottom of the screen. 

Top Athletes View

All Regional Leaderboard

The "All Regional" Leaderboard allows you to stack rank the athletes against one another across Regionals. When you're on the "All Regional" Leaderboard, you can sort and compare by an event and see how all the athletes fared against one another for that particular event.

Note: Access the All Regional leaderboard through the main leaderboard tab in the navigation to have the ability to filter.

All Regional Leaderboard View

Sort by Event

Now when you peruse the overall leaderboard for a Regional, you can sort by event to see who did well where. This is especially fun with the "All Regionals" filter, which allows you to compare event performances among athletes from every competition. Is Katrin Davidsdottir faster on a handstand-walk event than Camille Leblanc-Bazinet? Now you can easily find out.

App Dashboard View

Follow an Athlete

Keep up with your favorite athletes—quickly see their scores and current ranking, then tap to see how they've performed in all the events. Swapping athletes or teams is easy: Just tap the blue "+" symbol on the Leaderboard page.

Follow an Athlete

Learn About Workouts

The "Workouts" tab is a great place to learn all about each Regional Event, including workout descriptions, movement standards, demo videos and more.

Event 1 details


Note: App content automatically refreshes every 10 minutes, but you can do a pull-down to refresh at any time for the latest update. You won't miss a single second of the action, even during live competition!