April 26, 2012
How to Follow Regionals: Week 5
By CrossFit
Details of our extensive media coverage of the Regionals. 
Details of our extensive media coverage of the Regionals. 

Get down to the nitty gritty details of how to follow Regional coverage.

On Friday, May 25, the fifth weekend of Regionals kick off in the Europe, North East and North West Regions. This is the last of five weekends of Regional competition.

This year, you get more of the Regionals quicker and better than ever before. Our Leaderboard from each region is live, meaning you see all the scores the second they’re posted at the venue. Every competition day, there will be six different types of coverage from each Regional: Event summary videos, community videos, morning and afternoon articles, photos, Facebook updates, and Twitter feeds.

Plus, each competition night, Rory McKernan and Pat Sherwood will break it all down with the top stories of the day on the Update Show.

Check out the latest results and highlights from each event of every Regional on the new Event Summary Page. That’s six videos a day from each competition, each posted within a few hours of the event finishing!

Check the Regional rotators for the community stories and written coverage. Don't forget, each Regional has its own Facebook page and Twitter feed, all with moment-by-moment reporting.

If you’re not 100 percent sure how to navigate our site, let’s get into the nitty gritty.

For example, do you love the North East? Then get over to the Regional Page. To do so without a link, go to Games.CrossFit.com and click North East's patriot icon. Of course, each Regional has its own page and icon.

You’re now in the epicenter of everything North East. Here, you’ll find all the written reports, interest pieces and daily videos on the North East Region. You can also find the heat schedules in the Event Details bar on the lower right side of the page.

Are you into social media? Each region has its own Twitter and Facebook account and will have up-to-date details on heats, standings, announcements, pictures and more.

For hourly updates and photos on the action, follow the CrossFit Games Facebook page and Regional Facebook pages for the most exciting news of the day.

​Click on a region below to get to the Regional Facebook pages:

North East
North West

For up-to-the-minute results, turn to Twitter. You can read Twitter on your laptop, even without an account. Click on a region below to get to the Regional Twitter account.
The mothership is, of course, the CrossFit Games website. All results are unofficial until you see them on the Games site.
The latest event summary videos will be available on this page.
Our Youtube channel will have a playlist for each Regional with the latest videos from each competition. 

Searching for older articles and videos? Go to the News & Media tab and restrict the search by what you're interested in (ex. Articles, Central East, Regionals period). The results of your search will be in the "More Coverage" section on the second half of the page.

Even if you can’t be at the competition, we’ll have all the most exciting news online every weekend during Regionals.