April 8, 2013
Competing Far From Home: Dominique Joceylne
By Mato Frisone

I went on a blind date and — as any CrossFitter does — he wouldn't stop talking about this thing called CrossFit."

Photo by: Lisa Catana


Photo by: Lisa Catana


Photo by: Wei Han Frank Lin

Landscape photo by: Lisa Catana

Dominique Jocelyne is originally from New Brunswick, Canada, but now she lives in Mexico for work.

She found herself in a new culture, speaking a new language and living in another country, but CrossFit made her adaptation process easier than expected.

Jocelyne says she has always been athletic. Before high school, she was a dancer in a small company in her hometown. She then played field hockey and volleyball, but says she never stood out as an athlete. After starting university and pursuing a sociology degree, she simply stopped being active.

She tried various activities, including boxing, to get back into shape, but says it was “too bloody” for her.

“I went on a blind date and — as any CrossFitter does — he wouldn’t stop talking about this thing called CrossFit,” she recalls. “I went home, looked at some videos on YouTube and went in the next day for my first workout. And I haven’t stopped since.”

After a few years doing CrossFit, she has a 155-lb. clean and jerk and a 110-lb. snatch. In 2012, she finished 10th in Latin America in the Open and opted for team competition with WODBOX, which finished in fourth.

Jocelyne has spent the last year recovering from a hand injury. Even though it forced her to take time away from training, she registered for the 2013 Open. She says she need to prove to herself that she still had it in her.

“On 13.1, I got five more 100-lb. snatches than last year, so I thought, ‘Let’s do this!’ she recalls after completing the first Open workout. “But I had to remain realistic. Any exercise hanging from a bar was going to be difficult. I was lucky that toes-to-bar and chest-to-bar pull-ups only came out in the last two workouts.”

Sitting in 12th place in Latin America, Jocelyne scored 156 reps on 13.1, 304 reps on 13.2, 247 reps on 13.3 (six more reps than 12.4), 72 reps on 13.4 and 74 reps on 13.5.

Unlike many competitive CrossFitters, she says she doesn’t like challenges.

“I don’t think I really like hard challenges, but CrossFit keeps putting them in front of me,” she admits. “And I’m not one to back down, so I have to take them on.”

After starting CrossFit in Canada, Jocelyne was worried about moving to a new country and finding a new community.

“When I found out I was moving, the first thing I did was look for a CrossFit gym in Mexico,” she says. “I was so excited when I found one. I don’t know what I would have done if there wasn’t one … maybe I wouldn’t have taken the job.”

She adds: “I don't think I would love CrossFit as much if it wasn't for the community. I am lucky to be part of a gym where people love each other and support each other. My gym has become my home away from home. Our gym’s community is so awesome that I think I would go even if I didn't feel like working out. Going a day without seeing them feels like an eternity.”

Now, with her focus on the Latin America Regional, she’s working not only on her physical game, but also her mental game. While she admits she’s nervous, she’s more excited than anything else.

 “I am so excited to see everyone again,” she says. “I have made friends with CrossFitters all over Latin America and I just can't wait to see them again. But I'd be lying if I didn't say I was nervous, but nerves can be a good thing, as long as they don't deter you from accomplishing your goals. And for me, my goal is just to get there. So, here we go.”