March 13, 2012
Changing Lanes: A Family CrossFits Together
By Josh Gross

"CrossFit has done so much for me and my family in the way of building confidence, becoming fit and living healthier lives."

When Trent Lane entered CrossFit Calgary for the first time 18 months ago, he had no idea the impact CrossFit would have within his family.

After a one-hour intro class with owner Brett Marshall, he went home and told his wife Angela that she had to attend a class, knowing full well that this was something they’d both enjoy together. When they found out Calgary also offered classes for children and teens, it became a family affair.

“My wife and I have seen tremendous improvements in our fitness and health as well as our performance in the WODs,” Lane says. “My daughter does gymnastics so CrossFit was very natural to her. When my son started, he was 12-years-old and a little overweight for his age. He could barely do one push-up, and pull-ups were very hard for him. Now that he is 14, he has almost no fat on him and he is beating a lot of adults in certain WODs.”

Lane’s son, Justin, completed Workout 12.1 and logged 111 burpees. 

Lane also fills what spare time he can as a minor hockey coach for his son’s team and has found new ways to reach the kids and motivate them using CrossFit methods. “I try to encourage the kids to push themselves past their comfort level because you never know what you can achieve until you push the envelope,” he says. “These past few weeks [competing in the Open] have certainly done that for me.”

Only three weeks ago, Lane reached a new PR for his snatch, at 135 pounds. “Going into WOD 12.2, I just wanted to get somewhere between one and five reps at 135 pounds.”

After completing the first 30 reps at 75, he stepped up to the 135-pound bar and reached his goal, plus some. “I did get the first lift at 135 pounds,” he says. “I failed on the second lift, but I tried to stay focused. With a little internal ‘trash talking’ to myself, I managed to get 15 lifts at 135 pounds before time ran out. Needless to say, this was much more than I ever had expected. I surprised myself with each lift and didn't fail any other lifts until the last 30 seconds, when I shortened my rest.”

Lane credits CrossFit for allowing his family to find a common bond. “CrossFit has done so much for me and my family in the way of building confidence, becoming fit and living healthier lifestyles. I cannot say enough positive comments about CrossFit Calgary, the coaches, and the community. CrossFit can be very challenging at times, but you get out of it what you put into it.”