June 9, 2013
Canada West Regional Report: Box Jump Blowout
By Kate Rose, Jaimie Bougie and Genie Alami

"During the workouts, I will sometimes let out a little battle cry. Psychologically, it clears out any negative self-talk and blanks my mind."
~Lucas Parker

The deadlift/box jump event gave the women’s rankings in Canada West an overhaul. While some jumped in the standings, others were stopped dead in their tracks. Meanwhile, teams and male athletes solidified their positions.

The male athletes finished in a dead heat, leaving the event to be settled once again by the women. While Ruthie Unaegbu of the Centaurs had little troubles with the weight, the box jumps slowed her, and the Centaurs were forced to settle for fourth. 
The CFC Crew took the event in a time of 7:40. 
“We feel pretty good about it,” said CFC Crew team member Alex Parker. “We wanted to win. Our plan was to be quick on the transition and avoid no reps, since we knew it would be a tight race. We are both really good at box jumps and the deadlifts didn’t get heavy until the end, so this was in our wheelhouse.”
Event 5 
1. CFC Crew – 7:40
2. CrossFit BRIO – 7:46
3. CrossFit 604 – 8:05
Delaina Snider set a fast pace with 3:59 in the first heat of Event 5.
“After the 100s, my legs feel very heavy and I felt like I could barely jump during the warm up But once I started, that thought went away,” Snider said. 
She’d finish in second — her first top-10 finish of 2013. 
Emily Beers would be the second top female athlete to drop out of the event. Beers went into the event in third overall, but didn’t make it past the first eight box jumps before dropping to the ground and rolling onto her back. 
“I felt something during the dumbbell snatch and I tried to pretend it didn’t happen,” Beers said. “During the warm up, I only did five warm-up deadlifts so that I could rest it. Then during the workout, I felt a pop on the fifth deadlift and it got tight.”
Beers confirmed her decision a few hours later — she was out. 2013 was over for her.
“I don’t think it’s serious, but I think it would be stupid to continue tomorrow. I’m more worried about my back for life than competing,” she said. 
Jayde Quilty, Janine Walinski, Erin Light, Taryn Romanowich and Lauren Pryor emerged from the first set of deadlifts in a tight race. Quilty continued to build on her lead, and finished in 3:52. Pryor followed at 4:19.
“I’m pretty smashed after the 100s, but mentally, I tried to calm myself by reminding myself how strong I am, and that I can handle this,” Quilty said after the event.
With her injured hand, Heather Gillespie was not looking forward to the heavy deadlifts. The overall leader took 15th in the event, but her struggle only drew the crowd further into her camp.
“I feel exactly how I knew I would feel after both events,” Gillespie said. “I don’t deadlift, ever, and my hand is bruised to the bone. But I am doing well and everything is going as planned. I knew this one was going to be tough.”
Event 5
1. Jayde Quilty – 3:52
2. Delaina Snider – 3:59
3. Alissa Flynn – 4:07
Lucas Parker was clearly on the attack on the deadlifts. His reps were not only unbroken, but fast. He attacked the box jumps, looking fresh, and finished his 15 deadlifts before anyone else even began theirs.  
His fatigue showed only on a few missed box jumps.  Even when falling backward off one of his last, he quickly recovered and resumed his near reckless pace, bellowing to the rafters before his final set of nine.
“During the workouts, I will sometimes let out a little battle cry,” he said. “Psychologically, it clears out any negative self-talk and blanks my mind. I just yell it all out.” 
Parker finished the event in 3:29, followed by DJ Wickham, Joey Lutz, Ray Krumme and Tyson Takasaki. 
Event 5
1. Lucas Parker
2. DJ Wickham – 4:37
3. Joey Lutz- 4:53
Overall Standings
Event 5 left the top three teams in the same spots they entered Saturday afternoon.
With four points separating the top three teams, and with CrossFit 604 only five points back, fans are guaranteed a fight to the finish. 
1. The Centaurs – 12 points
2. CFC Crew - 14 points
3. Team Taranis – 16 points
4. CrossFit 604 – 21 points
5. Synergy Strength A – 29 points
Event 5 compressed the women’s Leaderboard, bringing the top five closer. Beers is gone. Gillespie, the overall leader, came 15th, and is no longer beyond the reach of the other competitors. Light, in second, is closer to Gillespie in points, but the rest of the pack also closed the gap. Quilty, with 37 points to Light’s 29, could have an opportunity to strike. 
1. Heather Gillespie – 27 points. 
2. Erin Light – 29 points
3. Jayde Quilty – 37 points
4. Erica Livett – 40 points
5. Taryn Romanowich – 50 points
While the deadlift/box jump couplet created uncertainty for the women, it solidified the standings for the men. Anything can happen in CrossFit, but sitting 12 points ahead of Tyson Takasaki, Parker has a strong lead.  He isn’t about to rest, however. 
“Even though I’m sitting in first place, I can’t just relax tomorrow because now I have a target on my back and everyone will be gunning for me,” Parker said at the end of the day. 
With Lutz 15 points back, Takasaki might be safe.  Jeremy Meredith, last year’s Regional champion, sits in seventh place. His 30th in the burpee muscle-up event is a bruise on his overall score, and will likely be impossible to overcome. The other competitors agree, though — if anyone can make a comeback, it’s Meredith. Day three will be a treat for spectators.
1. Lucas Parker – 12 points
2. Tyson Takasaki – 20 points
3. Joey Lutz – 35 points