Remaining Saturday Team Events Released

August 6, 2022

The last two events for Saturday's team competition have been announced:

Dumbbell Highball

For time, relaying as MM/FF pairs:

42-ft DB OH walking lunge
10 DB clean and jerks
30 wall-ball shots


30 wall-ball shots
10 DB snatches
42-ft DB OH walking lunge

Men will work down the field and back. Then the women will start.

Women: 70-lb dumbbell, 14-lb ball to 11 ft
Men: 100-lb dumbbell, 20-lb ball to 12 ft

Time cap: 30 minutes
Venue: North Park

Each athlete will complete the lunge, clean and jerks, and wall-ball shots, and then return in reverse order, swapping the clean and jerks for snatches. The work will be completed relay style in MM/FF pairs.

The event begins with one man working through the lunge, clean and jerks, and wall-ball shots. After M1 finishes the wall balls, the M2 will begin. When M2 finishes the wall balls, M1 will begin working back, followed by M2 in the same fashion. Once M2 is back, the women will begin and complete the same sequence.

For the lunges, the athlete must use one arm for the first half and the other arm for the second half. In the clean and jerks, athletes must alternate hands after each rep. 

The event is over when the last athlete completes the lunges and the team crosses the finish line.

Presented by RP Strength



For time:

50 synchro double-unders
Tumbler pull, MM/FF pairs
50 synchro double-unders
Jerry can carry, each
50 synchro double-unders
Husafell bag carry, each
50 synchro double-unders
Big Bob push

Women: 450-lb tumbler, two 70-lb Jerry cans, 150-lb Husafell 
Men: 600-lb tumbler, two 100-lb Jerry cans, 200-lb Husafell 

Time cap: 12 minutes
Venue: North Park

Presented by Trifecta


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