O2 Now Official Recovery Drink and Hydration Mix for the NOBULL CrossFit Games®

May 4, 2022

O2 is now the Official Recovery Drink of the NOBULL CrossFit Games® and is poised to expand its audience as a long-standing supporter of CrossFit gyms, CrossFit athletes, and fans around the country.

Being an official partner at CrossFit’s flagship annual event was years in the making for O2 founder and CEO Dave Colina, who launched the company in 2014 after spending time as a CrossFit coach and growing strong bonds with the fitness community. 

“This is a huge moment for me, personally, and an incredible opportunity for the brand,” Colina said. “I believe in the product, the team, and the community — our goal is to put better-for-you O2 into the hands of every fitness fan in the world, and with CrossFit’s help I think we can do that.”  

“We are very pleased to partner with a company like O2 that was born from and grew within the CrossFit community, and we look forward to working together to bring the excitement of the CrossFit Games to new heights,” said Justin Bergh, GM of Sport at CrossFit. 

For Colina, who has worked tirelessly to perfect a clean, carbon-neutral, plastic-free sports hydration drink, this is just the beginning. 

With this year’s Games still some months away in August, Colina says he’s preparing to “make hydration history.” 

“Of course we want to make a splash,” Colina said with a wink. “But really, we want people to believe things can be different — that they can have great-tasting recovery that works without wrecking the planet and feel good about a brand that gives back.”

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