CrossFit Update on COVID-19 Tests

July 26, 2021

CrossFit has completed the pre-competition COVID-19 protocols for the CrossFit Games for all individual athletes, staff, and volunteers, who have either provided verification of their full vaccination status or been tested on-site. (Team registration and testing will take place tomorrow.) 

Two athletes have tested positive for COVID-19: Bethany Shadburne and Kara Saunders. Saunders proactively tested herself after traveling and contacted CrossFit’s medical team following a positive result. She subsequently tested negative with an antigen test on-site, indicating she is no longer infectious. She has been cleared for competition by the CrossFit medical team. Shadburne tested positive with an antigen test on-site and has been removed from competition. 

Three other athletes — Dan Bailey, Danielle Brandon, and Kari Peace — have come into recent contact with the aforementioned athletes: Bailey with Saunders; Brandon and Pearce with Shadburne. 

All three athletes tested negative during their on-site screenings but will remain segregated from their peers and receive daily antigen testing throughout the competition. If that daily testing remains negative, those athletes will be permitted to take part in the competition with heightened safety protocols, including separate housing, segregated transportation to/from events, and distanced lanes or segregated workout areas during the competition, when possible.