Team Eligibility, Changes to LOR Deadline Extended

February 1, 2021

The deadline for any changes to an affiliate's LOR (Licensee of Record) in order to ensure compliance with CrossFit's team eligibility guidelines has been changed from Jan. 1, 2021, to Feb. 15, 2021.  As per section 1.17 in the CrossFit Games Rulebook, "If an affiliate’s LOR is changed between Feb. 15 and the close of the first Open event, both the original LOR and the new LOR may only compete on a team from that affiliate during the CrossFit Games season."

“After multiple inquiries regarding the Jan. 1 deadline for Licensee of Record (LOR) status in the rulebook, CrossFit has decided to extend that deadline to Feb. 15 to ensure there is no confusion and all athletes have sufficient time to change their LOR status as needed to participate on their intended teams," said Andrew Weinstein, CrossFit Head of Communications and Public Policy. "Further, CrossFit is aligning any address documentation requirements for eligibility with the same Feb. 15 deadline."

Any athlete or team requiring assistance to determine their eligibility for the Affiliate Cup competition should contact for guidance.