Team Event 5 Has Been Announced

August 2, 2019

Team Event 5 has been announced. After this event, the field will be cut to 11 teams. 

Team Strongman’s Fear

For time:

132-ft. handstand walk
132-ft. Worm lunge
132-ft. handstand walk
132-ft. Big Bob march
132-ft. handstand walk
132-ft. Snail push, in ♀♂ pairs

Time cap: 16 minutes


• All four athletes may handstand walk at the same time.

• Handstand walk must be completed in 44-ft. sections.

• Athletes must restart from the last section completed if they come down at any time.

• The Snail contains 700 lb. of sand, preventing it from gaining momentum.

For full workout descriptions, click here, for onsite info, click here, to learn about scoring, click here