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02.10.13 via University of Nebraska-Omaha
Former UNO athletes Kyle Kasperbauer (football) and Stacie Wemhoff Tovar (volleyball) have advanced to the world championship every year since 2009. The first CrossFit Games were held in 2007, and its popularity has grown every year.
02.08.13 via TridentCrossFitVA.com
I’m not competitive by nature. My goal for CrossFit is to look good in my clothes and be able to squat over a public toilet when I’m old, not to win the warm up.
02.08.13 via YouTube.com
Q Town CrossFit athlete, Sam Dancer, shows off his squat.
02.08.13 via YouTube.com
The third ranked woman prepares for the Open.
02.08.13 via Spencer Hendel
Check out his programming for January.
02.08.13 via Vimeo.com
He hadn't tried a max effort 400-meter run since high school.