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04.08.13 via Vimeo.com
Because 265 x 6 wasn't enough.
04.03.13 via ChrisSpealler.com
Here are some things that I have learned that may help you keep your head in it as you get after the last WOD.
04.02.13 via CrossFit204.com
“I could have gotten a few more reps.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that over the last four weeks, and I’ve said it at least four times myself. It is, in fact, the most common sentence to be uttered after a CrossFit workout.
04.01.13 via DvidsHub.net
There are only three female soldier-athletes participating in the 2013 CrossFit Open from Camp Buehring, Kuwait.
04.01.13 via Facebook.com
The Open leader's second PR of the day.
04.01.13 via CrossFitNewHaven.com
I was tickled pink at my paltry score of 15 this weekend because I didn't think my shoulder would be able to hold together for one toes to bar. Instead, not only did I get six of 'em, they felt better than the toes to bar I did before the injury. In my mi
03.25.13 via CrossFit 204
When 12.4 was announced, I started to panic. I tried adjusting the rope to various lengths, wearing different shoes, and smashing and throwing ropes like an entitled and cranky child, but nothing worked.
03.24.13 via YouTube.com
"For all those Internet doubters I did 13.3 again in front of an audience - didn't beat my score but here's my 320 reps!" - Sam Briggs
03.24.13 via NotesFromTheBox.WordPress.com
Even though I am swabbing the gym floor with my scores, participating in the Open has been well worth the $20 and humiliation for a number of reasons.
03.22.13 via AllInCrossFitAuburn.com
This morning I went to the gym, determined to get the workout over with. I was almost having an anxiety attack over the thought of doing 150 wall balls again.
03.20.13 via DvidsHub.net
Even though we are in a deployed environment and not enjoying the everyday life back at home, it's nice to be able to compete in something that connects not only with folks back in the United States, but with folks from all over the world.
03.13.13 via Facebook.com
Camille Leblanc-Bazinet couldn't get into the U.S. to face Annie T. on 13.2, but that won't stop her from setting a back squat PR.
03.12.13 via Facebook.com
Sam Briggs finished 3rd in the world on 13.1 with 205 reps. She can rattle off 20 consecutive bar muscle-ups too.
03.09.13 via JennyLabaw.com
This Sunday I am going to be an athlete on one leg, trying to crush some burpees and snatches.
03.08.13 via GymnasticsWOD.com
Paoli runs through mobility and burpee technique for Open Workout 13.1.
03.06.13 via Facebook.com
The four-time CrossFit Games competitor is still hitting PRs.
03.04.13 via DvidsHub.net
Capt. Kerri Brantley practices kipping pull-ups on the rings at CrossFit Spartan Shield, Camp Buehring, Kuwait.
03.02.13 via CoachsEye.com
The 41-year-old veteran Games competitor sets a PR.
03.01.13 via YouTube.com
Watch Austin Johnson do 305-lb. Grace in 23 minutes.
02.28.13 via YourInnerSkinny.ca
I’m competing to prove to myself that I can compete. I’m competing because I’m no longer that 275 pound guy that lead an unhealthy life.