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CrossFit Intensify took 1st in Event 6 to move into 1st overall. Following in 2nd and 3rd were Spokane Valley and CrossFit Fort Vancouver. Games Qualifying Team: CrossFit Intensify, CrossFit Fort...
Video, Posted Sun, 05.27.12
CrossFit Fort Vancouver earned its third 1st place finish in Event 4, being the only team to finish the event in the North West. CRossFit Intensify finished 2nd with Spokane Valley in 3rd.  See all ...
Video, Posted Sat, 05.26.12
Find out who's going to the 2012 North West Regional.   The North East, North West and Europe Regions will take on the brutal 2012 Regional Workouts May 25-27 for Week 5 of Regional...
Article, Posted Wed, 05.16.12
CrossFit Spokane Valley missed the Games by one sot in 2011. In 2012, the team is prepared to make another run at the big show. Despite having only a little over one hundred members...
Article, Posted Tue, 05.15.12
Ashleigh Moe and Kevin Simons take the top spots on 12.5 in the North West Region. CrossFit is often billed as training for the unexpected. Week 5 of the CrossFit Games Open showed us...
Article, Posted Tue, 03.27.12
The muscle-ups in Open Workout 12.4 created a clear line of demarcation between the truly elite and the rest of us who sat gazing with jaws agape. CrossFit Games Open Workout 12.4, if you...
Article, Posted Tue, 03.20.12