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The Open kicked off in Mid Atlantic with a live announcement in Concord, N.C. at CrossFit Vitality.   The 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Open kicked off with a live broadcast event from the...
Article, Posted Mon, 03.11.13
Teams in the Mid Atlantic go head to head in Event 2. See all Event Summary Videos.
Video, Posted Fri, 05.04.12
Jenn Jones and Ben Smith lead Mid Atlantic after dominating Diane. Men Coming off a 3rd place finish in last year’s Games, favorite Ben Smith made his mark with a top time for...
Article, Posted Fri, 05.04.12
For the first workout of the 2012 Mid Atlantic Regional kicked off with a partner Diane. CrossFit Invoke walked away with the first win of the weekend. CrossFit Reston and CrossFit Greensboro came in...
Video, Posted Fri, 05.04.12
Jeff Tincher and Maggie Dabe, co-gym owners and lovers, go head to head in the team competition at the Mid Atlantic Regional.
Video, Posted Fri, 05.04.12
"Chemistry and communication can make or break a team in any given workout."     When Andrew Killion and Noah Gabriel-Landis of District CrossFit sat down to put together their box’s team...
Article, Posted Tue, 05.01.12
Find out who is competing at the 2012 Mid Atlantic Regional. The Africa, Asia, Mid Atlantic and South West regions will take on the brutal 2012 Regional workouts May 4-6 for Week 2 of...
Article, Posted Thu, 04.26.12
  Team competition is completely different from the individual competition. A team must work together, communicate, and trust in each other for a successful outcome. These teams listed below earned...
Article, Posted Thu, 01.12.12