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Team: Reebok CrossFit Asia

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Reebok CrossFit Asia

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No risk ....No Reward!!! Leave it all on the floor!


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"I'm not going to let the dumbbell win." The haze of the morning sun was already glaring down on the University grounds here in Seoul as Day 2 of the Asia Regional kicked off...
Article, Posted Fri, 05.04.12
Reebok CrossFit Asia led the way in Event 2 finishing in 25:10 with Shogun CrossFit and Chikara CrossFit following. While no team was able to complete the workout in the 25-minute time cap, three...
Video, Posted Thu, 05.03.12
Five teams entered the arena in Asia to do a partner Diane, but only four came out to move forward to the second workout. CrossFit Shogun, Reebok CrossFit Asia and CrossFit Chikara were top three...
Video, Posted Thu, 05.03.12