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Team: CrossFit Ignite Sydney Iguanas

Team Information

Affiliated May 2009--- 2nd Finish Female Australian Regionals 2009 8th Finish Male Australian Regionals 2009 44th Finish Female CrossFit Games 2009 3 top 20 Place Females Australian Regionals 2010 1 top 20 Place Male Australian Regionals 2010 2nd Place A-Team Australian Regionals 2010 37th Place A-Team CrossFit Games 2010 1st Place A-Team Australian Regionals 2011 28th Place A-Team CrossFit Games 2011


Team Coverage

  The CrossFit Ignite Sydney team finished 2nd at the 2010 Australia Regional and took 34th at the 2010 A-cup. This year got off to a more difficult start. Open Workouts 11.2 and 11.3 hit the team...
Article, Posted Thu, 01.12.12
  Team competition is completely different from the individual competition. A team must work together, communicate, and trust in each other for a successful outcome. These teams listed below earned...
Article, Posted Thu, 01.12.12