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Team: Sheepdog CrossFit

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As Day 2 of the team competition comes to a close, the Centaurs have the overall lead over Taranis.   The big story of Day 2 was the close race between Team Taranis and the Fraser...
Article, Posted Sat, 05.10.14
"I'm really proud of myself right now. Handstand push-ups are my biggest weakness, but I powered through all."   When the sun rose over the mountains of Richmond...
Article, Posted Sun, 06.09.13
What happens when a two-time Games athlete and a police officer are fighting for the last qualifying spot for Regionals? Photos by: Colin Hill What happens when a two-time Games athlete...
Article, Posted Wed, 04.03.13
The Open is proving every rep counts.   The Team competition in Canada West is so tight that any upcoming workout could determine the eventual winner. The teams ranked first, second,...
Article, Posted Mon, 03.25.13