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"If I didn't do CrossFit, I'd probably go nuts." Photos by: Anne Talhelm A day in the life of Mark Stewart can be summed up in two words: full schedule. As a full-time student carrying...
Article, Posted Mon, 03.04.13
Raw footage of Team Event 4 at the South Central Regional.
Video, Posted Thu, 05.03.12
The athletes reflect on the workouts from Day 1 and get ready for Day 2 of the Regional competition.
Video, Posted Sat, 04.28.12
Former NFL player Paul Smith set the world record so far in Workout 3 with 4:01. Day 2 began with some sore athletes, a bigger crowd and lots of energy. A world record was set in...
Article, Posted Sat, 04.28.12
"The hang cleans were a deal maker or breaker."   After a short mid-day break, the South Central athletes returned to Freeman Coliseum recharged and ready for another...
Article, Posted Fri, 04.27.12
Find out who is competing at the 2012 South Central Regional. Regionals kick off in just one week! The Canada West, South East, and South Central regions are the first to take on the brutal...
Article, Posted Fri, 04.20.12