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Team: CrossFit Cedar Park

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We are snatch monsters and we have fun....we workout.


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Raw footage of Team Event 4 at the South Central Regional.
Video, Posted Thu, 05.03.12
Nikki Isbell of CrossFit Cedar Park hits a new snatch PR on Day 3 at the South Central Regional.
Video, Posted Sun, 04.29.12
CrossFit Dallas Central continues to show other teams in the South Central who's boss. The team took 1st place with a combined score of 1,130 pounds. CrossFit Cedar Park and CrossFit Waco tied with 1...
Video, Posted Sun, 04.29.12
Azadeh Boroumand set a PR by 15 pounds in the snatch, and Aja Barto was the only male competitor to complete all 15 bars in Workout 5. With only a short night’s rest, the...
Article, Posted Sun, 04.29.12
Like Canada West and South East, no team was able to complete the workout within the 25-minute time cap. Closest, though, was CrossFit Dallas Central. CrossFit Central Competitors and CrossFit Cedar...
Video, Posted Sat, 04.28.12
CrossFit Dallas Central continues to dominate the team competition on the South Central. With a finish time of 5:13, they remain on top going into the last half of Day 2. CrossFit Cedar Park and...
Video, Posted Sat, 04.28.12
Former NFL player Paul Smith set the world record so far in Workout 3 with 4:01. Day 2 began with some sore athletes, a bigger crowd and lots of energy. A world record was set in...
Article, Posted Sat, 04.28.12
"Hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll make the podium." ~Boroumand Coming into the second half of day two, the athletes tried their best to prepare mentally for Event 4, the...
Article, Posted Sat, 04.28.12
Find out who is competing at the 2012 South Central Regional. Regionals kick off in just one week! The Canada West, South East, and South Central regions are the first to take on the brutal...
Article, Posted Fri, 04.20.12