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“We could be a top-10 team. I think we’re capable of that.”   When the 2014 Open wrapped, four of the six team members from Timberwolf CrossFit in St. Paul, Minnesota,...
Article, Posted Wed, 07.16.14
The team competition has come to a close in the North Central Region and the fittest are headed to the Games! There’s a good reason Kaylen Gesaman of CrossFit Kilo missed...
Article, Posted Sun, 05.11.14
The crowd is alive on Day 2 of the North Central Regional. Athletes and fans brought the heat inside Festival Hall on Navy Pier to kick off Day 2 of the North Central...
Article, Posted Sat, 05.10.14
Team after team got off to lightning fast starts only to watch their teammates struggle with one of CrossFit’s most difficult movements: the muscle-up. Even though...
Article, Posted Fri, 05.09.14