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"Fashion sense was definitely key to our success," Lauster says. "...and I'm not joking."   R.A.W. Training is looking forward to its affiliate’s third trip to the CrossFit...
Article, Posted Tue, 07.03.12
Ben Smith set a new world record on Event 6 by more than a minute-and-a-half. The Mid Atlantic Regional is over and three men, three women and three teams are going to...
Article, Posted Sun, 05.06.12
RAW Training started Day 2 strong finishing 1st in the Snatch Ladder Event. They collectively snatched 1,090 pounds while CrossFit Greensboro and CrossFit Wilmington tied for 2nd with 1,080 pounds. ...
Video, Posted Sun, 05.06.12
After Event 5, Steve Pinkerton and Brian Quinlan are tied for 3rd. Event 6 will determine who's going to the Games in July. Men Ben Smith might as well have been in...
Article, Posted Sun, 05.06.12
Games Qualifying Teams: CrossFit Greensboro, CrossFit Wilmington and RAW Training See all Event Summary Videos.
Video, Posted Sun, 05.06.12
CrossFit Greensboro once again gives a top performance in the final event of the team competition in Mid Atlantic. Greensboro set a new world record on Event 6 with 13:18, while CrossFit Reston more...
Video, Posted Sun, 05.06.12
Athletes will have to fight hard for the coveted 3rd spot for men, women and teams to the CrossFit Games. One day to go before the top men, women and teams will start packing...
Article, Posted Sat, 05.05.12
Nate Schrader and 2009 Games champ Tanya Wagner took 1st in Event 3. Mid Atlantic athletes know how to keep things interesting. Here's what happened in the first half of...
Article, Posted Sat, 05.05.12
Teams in the Mid Atlantic go head to head in Event 2. See all Event Summary Videos.
Video, Posted Fri, 05.04.12
Ben Smith and Jenn Jones took 1st in both events on Day 1.    Ben Smith finished 1st in Event 2 with a time of 12:35 helping him complete a clean sweep of the events on Day 1....
Article, Posted Fri, 05.04.12