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With Stage 2 of the CrossFit season over "CrossFit Games Update" hosts recap the regional season.
Video - 06.04.14
In this "CrossFit Games Update," Sean Woodland sits down with Margaux Alvarez—first place in the 2014 Open in Northern California—to put her through a series of questions in a segment called "The Gaun
Video - 05.29.14
On this edition of the CrossFit Games Update, hosts Pat Sherwood and Sean Woodland take a look into Week 3 of regional competition.   
Video - 05.28.14
After an exciting Week 2, CrossFit Games Update hosts Sean Woodland, Pat Sherwood, Nicole Christensen and Tommy Marquez breakdown the women's competition from Australia, Canada East, Central East, Eur
Video - 05.21.14
Pat Sherwood, Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez recap Week 1 of regional competition and talk strategies we’ve seen so far in the regional events.  
Video - 05.15.14
In this special edition of the CrossFit Games Update, hosts Tommy Marquez and Sean Woodland take a look inside the Leaderboard of the first-ever Masters Qualifier.
Video - 05.05.14
  Pay close attention to details and scoring for each of the 8 team events.   All six teammates are involved in every event.   The schedule is compressed.
Video - 05.02.14
By Megan Mitchell The regionals end with a down and back chipper, and a sprint.   Individual Event 6
Video - 04.30.14
By Megan Mitchell Strict handstand push-ups and legless rope climbs will put athletes to the test on Saturday.   Individual Event 4 
Video - 04.29.14
By Megan Mitchell Hang squat snatches, handstand walks, and Nasty Girls V2 start the 2014 Regionals.   Individual Event 1: 1-Rep-Max Hang Squat Snatch
Video - 04.28.14