2013 CrossFit Games Update Show

The CrossFit Games Update Show features analysts who breakdown each part of the Games competition season.  Watch the show to get all the action!

Pat Sherwood is back on this week's CrossFit Games Update, joined by Nicole Christensen and Sean Woodland. We hear from affiliate owners, and what the Open meant to them and their members.
Video - 04.16.13
Rory McKernan and Sean Woodland join Pat Sherwood on this week's CrossFit Games Update. 
Video - 04.09.13
Maddy Curley and Pat Sherwood are back to delve into the happenings of Open Workout 13.4 and give updates on all the top athletes.
Video - 04.02.13
Maddy Curley and Pat Sherwood are back after week three to talk about the head-to-head battle of Kristan Clever and Talayna Fortunato, who topped the Leaderboard in 13.3 and the best from the CrossFit
Video - 03.26.13
Hosts Maddy Curley and Pat Sherwood are back to talk about Open Workout 13.2 and the head-to-head battle between Annie Thorisdottir and Lindsey Valenzuela.
Video - 03.19.13
Hosts Maddy Curley and Pat Sherwood delve into Open Workout 13.1 and all the performances that came with it. 
Video - 03.12.13
Hosts Pat Sherwood and Maddy Curley discuss your personalized Leaderboard, offer some tips for the 2013 Open, and sit down with Julie Foucher, who finished second at the 2012 Games. 
Video - 03.05.13
Hosts Pat Sherwood and Maddy Curley are back to talk about the top five moments of the 2012 CrossFit Games Open and fill you in on details about the Live Open Announcements.
Video - 02.26.13
Pat Sherwood and Maddy Curley are ready to kick off the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games season. In this episode, they cover the top five moments of the 2012 season and the road to the championship.
Video - 02.19.13