Media Highlights

All athletes have shown their dedication to the Sport of Fitness.   It’s the fourth time Central East athletes take the floor. It’s the fourth time they draw from a reserve of...
Second world record for Dan Bailey. This is it. Athletes within the Central East demonstrate just how well trained they are when day Day 2 of the Central East kicks off in true...
Ben catches up with fans at the 2012 Central East Regional and finds out why people love to watch CrossFit.
Announcers located at the Central East Regional delve into Day 1 of the third weekend of Regional competition. For all the results and event highlights, visit the Regional Summaries page.
Tarasa Barnett will be competing alone to defend her title. After a long Day 1, athletes started to arrive to the “Canchas Panamericanas” Saturday morning in smaller numbers...
Key for many was to be controlled and steady. With a thrilling morning under the belt, spectators at the Canada East Regional were curious to see how Event 4 would unfold. The day was...
  With the heavy weight, athletes found focus a challenge. With the start of the second day at the Canada East Regional, there was less tension in the air, and more excitement and...
Kristan Clever set a new world record on Diane with 1:54 in the women's competition at the Southern California Regional. 
Dan Bailey set a new world record in Diane with a 1:35 time. He bested Chris Spealler by almost 20 seconds.
The Central East Regional is set up and ready to appear live on ESPN3. 
Founder of Rogue Fitness Bill Henniger discusses the Central East Region, how tough the region is and how its grown. 
The Games would absolutely not be possible without the amazing support from the community. Volunteering is an unforgettable way to contribute to the sport. Want to volunteer at the 2012...