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Prior to taking on Team U.S.A. in the CrossFit Invitational, watch how Team Europe prepared.  Team Europe included Tuomas Vainio, Mikko Aronpaa, Numi Katrinarson, Annie Thorisdottir, Katrin...
Video, Posted Sat, 10.13.12
"Having gone through what I did helps me teach other people." Jason Williams once played basketball every day. He even dabbled in coaching and personal training. But In 2002, he tore...
Article, Posted Tue, 08.28.12
Jami Tikkanen and Frederik Aegidius reflect on this year's Games competition and reveal what comes along with being a coach and a boyfriend to the Fittest Woman on Earth, Annie Thorisdottir.
Video, Posted Sat, 07.28.12
Jami Tikkanen from Reebok CrossFit Thames talks about competing in 2009 compared to 2012 and the growth of CrossFit in Europe. 
Video, Posted Sat, 05.26.12
Five of the Top 10 women in Europe are from Iceland. What sets the dottirs apart? The Fittest Woman on Earth, Annie Thorisdottir   2011 CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup competitor, Hjordis...
Article, Posted Mon, 03.19.12
The snatches of 12.2 laid a deep trench between the average and experienced CrossFitter.   If Workout 12.1 seemed to be biased toward the more conditioned, met-con athletes, the snathes in...
Article, Posted Mon, 03.05.12