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Athlete: Garry jones

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168 cm
176 lb


Filthy 5032:45
Fight Gone Bad252
Sprint 400m0:00
Run 5k37:30
Clean & Jerk80 kg
Snatch60 kg
Deadlift170 kg
Back Squat135 kg
Max Pull-ups35


I now own and coach at Crossfit Taumata in Auckland, New Zealand, didn't do the open last year as we were busy with the new box. Looking forward to the Open. Placed 3rd at the games in 2012, Masters 55-59, placed 2nd in the 2013 games 60+ masters


How I Eat

I eat quality foods but don't measure the amount

Try to keep the junk down to the very minimum. Have lots of fish and chicken along with the odd venison when I get time to hunt

How I Train

I incorporate workouts

I write my own programming

I record my workouts

I own, coach and train at Crossfit Taumata, we have been open for one year now and loving every minute of it

My Athletic Background

I regularly play recreational sports

Played a lot of rugby and league when I was in the army. Played a bit of squash and anything else that was around at the time

My Experience With CrossFit

I have completed the CrossFit Level 1 certificate course

I have had a life changing experience due to CrossFit

I train other people

Crossfit has made my life a lot better and has become addictive for me, I have been looking for something like this for a long time and it keeps me fit for hunting which is why I took it up. Completed my Level 2 course this year along with the Strongman course and a Mobility course

My Work/Rest Schedule

I usually only do 1 workout a day

try to get at least 3 workouts in a week and also coach 10 classes a week

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

2-4 years

Started crossfit in Sept 2011


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