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Athlete: Gina Vignola

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Mid Atlantic
CrossFit 2 Street
CrossFit 2 St
138 lb


Filthy 500:00
Fight Gone Bad213
Sprint 400m1:45
Run 5k26:36
Clean & Jerk140 lb
Snatch107 lb
Deadlift220 lb
Back Squat205 lb
Max Pull-ups12



How I Eat

I follow a weekly rotation that has a flow of protein-fat-carb ratios from Tuesday through Saturday. Sunday is my cheat day and on Mondays I fast. I try to stay as close to paleo as I can but occasionally add in small amounts of cheddar cheese and some greek yogurt. There is nothing better then a great steak...breakfast, lunch or dinner. For supplements I use mainly Progenex for their shakes and omega 3's. All natural vitamins for my multi, B and Iron. Pre and during workouts I drink gamma labs G-Fuel. I also use NUUN for added hydration, especially when it gets to be 100 degrees in our box.

How I Train

I have been with Crossfit Manayunk and now their sister location CF 2st for 4 years now. Our head Coach David Lee has taken my addiction to working out to a whole new level and is always there to push me to do more then I ever thought I could. I try to get to the box at least 4 times a week.

My Athletic Background

I have had a love of sports since I was a kid. I played varsity sports in high school and continued rec sports through and after college. I still play on a co-ed touch football team and compete in road races of distances from 5k-marathon.

My Experience With CrossFit

I began training with David Lee three years ago when his business was called Real World Strength Coach. He found CrossFit, fell in love with it and the next thing we knew we were doing pull ups, oly lifts, and more burpees then ever necessary. One year later we were CrossFit Manayunk. Nothing has changed my life for the positive the way CrossFit and David Lee have. Between weight lost and friends gained, it has just been an amazing experience. In 2012 I passed my Level 1 Cert test and began coaching. I really enjoy coaching and being able to be there to help others push themselves to reach new goals.

My Work/Rest Schedule

I am what we call and AM-er at my box. I love the 5:45 class! I try to get there 5 times a week. I squeeze in spin and yoga when I can. Spring and Fall mean 2 football games on Saturdays. Sundays is always a full rest day and depending on the load that week and recovery I will sometimes take a full rest day during the week.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

This January marked my four year anniversary!