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Athlete: Jeremy Jones

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Northern California
Diablo CrossFit
209 lb


Filthy 5021:26
Fight Gone Bad--
Sprint 400m1:05
Run 5k25:00
Clean & Jerk265 lb
Snatch225 lb
Deadlift425 lb
Back Squat345 lb
Max Pull-ups50


I used to be '2009 Fit', now I am closer to '2011 Fit'.


How I Eat

Paleo with a splash of tequilla and ice cream.

How I Train

I workout mostly at a CrossFit Affiliate

I write my own programming

I record my workouts

I workout whenever I can find the time! If I get 3-4 workouts in a week, I am on a good run.

My Athletic Background

Martial Arts

My Experience With CrossFit

I began CrossFit by trying it alone (without a coach)

I have completed the CrossFit Level 1 certificate course

I have attended one or more specialty courses

I have had a life changing experience due to CrossFit

I train other people

I started doing CrossFit in my apartment in 2004. We started our affiliate about a year later when we got a house with a back yard.

My Work/Rest Schedule

I usually only do 1 workout a day

I typically rest 4 or more days per month

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

4+ years


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