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Athlete: Adam Jamieson

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Northern California
CrossFit 808
CrossFit 808
183 lb


Filthy 500:00
Fight Gone Bad0
Sprint 400m0:00
Run 5k0:00
Clean & Jerk0 lb
Snatch0 lb
Deadlift0 lb
Back Squat0 lb
Max Pull-ups0


Aloha! :D


How I Eat

I eat quality foods but don't measure the amount

I heart exercise science (though I like to think our ancestors were like the Spartans in 300 - but Anthropology is a buzz kill). I LOVE CHOCOLATE MILK (post workout). Living Well Pressure Cooker makes life better. Puck Faleo (take anthropology), become less emotional towards food (it's really just economics) and simply question everything.

How I Train

I workout mostly at a CrossFit Affiliate

I record my workouts

AM crew with Jay Bernardo (stronger than you and funnier too...and has breathtaking pec control) and the super, world famous Sage Mertz (Coach B's daughter - the cool one) and sometimes with the future world champion at everything, Mike Mertz (currently 2 years old and world champion at cuteness, most ballin' ground-to-overheads and self-motivation). We do Invictus (fml) and I cry a lot.

My Athletic Background

I played youth or high school level sports

Nothing exciting. I played little league baseball until I was 14. I "played" high school football for 2 years and rowed for the last 2 years (hurray). Military shenanigans followed high school (was deep sea for 7ish years yo).

My Experience With CrossFit

I began CrossFit by trying it alone (without a coach)

I have completed the CrossFit Level 1 certificate course

I have attended one or more specialty courses

I have had a life changing experience due to CrossFit

I train other people

My story is like game of thrones of crossfit gyms of Hawaii (seriously - the character that best describes me is Dondarrion - that's the one that's just 'ok' and won't die/go away). OG

My Work/Rest Schedule

I usually only do 1 workout a day

I strictly schedule my rest days

I typically rest 4 or more days per month

I'm an A,B,C kind of guy (makes zero sense if you don't know the 'fun' that is Invictus) and a real sucker for metcons. Thursdays and Sundays I try not to break parallel to emphasize my love of doing nothing on days where exercise is not observed.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

4+ years

Inspired by thinking I could beat comment #63 on's 12/27/08 (thanks OPT). Before attempting I felt like comment #35 ("something for me to look forward to tomorrow :)" and then it quickly escalated to comment #1 ("OH NO, I'm going to die"). Oddly, the "OH NO" has turned into "F YEAH!". Yup, I embody this stuff.


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