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Athlete: Scott Flanary

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180 lb


Filthy 5036:54
Fight Gone Bad--
Sprint 400m--
Run 5k21:14
Clean & Jerk175 lb
Snatch135 lb
Deadlift305 lb
Back Squat200 lb
Max Pull-ups--



How I Eat

I eat strict Paleo

I eat quality foods but don't measure the amount

I eat strict Whole30, which is Paleo plus no alcohol nor sugar. I do not have cheat meals.

How I Train

I workout mostly at a CrossFit Affiliate

I have a coach who determines my programming

I record my workouts

Brick CrossFit does an amazing job preparing me for all-around fitness.

My Athletic Background

I regularly play recreational sports

Prior to CrossFit, I was a distance runner and I completed three marathons (Charlotte in 2008, Disney World in 2010, and Los Angeles in 2011). I've since traded in my running shoes for oly shoes and have strictly trained in a CrossFit gym. I also play in an organized kickball league.

My Experience With CrossFit

I began CrossFit with a coach (e.g. at an affiliate)

I have attended one or more specialty courses

I have had a life changing experience due to CrossFit

I walked into Brick CrossFit in October 2011 wondering what CrossFit was all about. After working out six out of seven days my first week, I was hooked. My first few months I worked out six times a week; mostly WODs, but mixing in cardio kickboxing and SpeedX (tabata-style WODs) to melt the fat. Now I aim for five days a week (resting Thursdays and Sundays), with one of those days reserved for team WODs. In the first year of CrossFit, I lost 40 pounds. This was partially due to my strict workout regimen, and partially due to my change in diet (mostly Paleo). CrossFit/Paleo was the only combination to help me reach my fitness goals, and I can't see myself changing my fitness structure anytime soon. I now wish to involve myself more with CrossFit. In 2012, I volunteered at SoCal Regionals as the Twitter correspondent. I took 2013 off to focus on my own competing schedule. In 2014, I became a certified judge. I plan to volunteer at SoCal Regionals and the Games.

My Work/Rest Schedule

I usually only do 1 workout a day

I do multiple workouts in a day 1x a week

I typically rest 4 or more days per month

I try to schedule Thursday and Sunday rest days because I enjoy the structure of a schedule. If I'm having an off, or bad, day, I don't mind taking an extra rest day. When on vacation, I tend to find a body weight WOD online rather than dropping in to another affiliate. Vacations are few and far between, so an extended rest during these times is welcome. I now regularly have a "two-fer" on Wednesdays: a WOD followed by yoga.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

2-4 years