Week Three in Review: SoCal

Published on Mon, 2012-03-12 12:28
Madeline Mosier

Jarrett Perelmutter and Kristan Clever sealed first place on 12.3 with over 14 rounds each.


The Open dawned with two, single modality workouts: 12.1 for the gymnasts, and 12.2 for the lifters. However, Workout 12.3 descended upon the CrossFit community packaging a classic-CrossFit triplet, AMRAP style. From box jumps to push press, a movement rooted in explosiveness, to toes-to-bar provided the groundwork for the 12.3 triplet.

This time-intensive workout gave a little bit of something to everyone and proved itself to be a testament to athletes’ endurance as they burned through it for 18 straight minutes. Open athletes around the world completed round after round to total of more than 12 million reps in just several days.


In order to be one of the top-five men of SoCal this week, athletes must have completed a minimum of 12-plus rounds. Leading the men of Southern California on 12.3 is Jarett Perelmutter. Also known as “Ninja” and owner of Brick CrossFit, Perelmutter finished the 18 minutes with 509 reps (14 rounds plus 5 box jumps). 

Behind Perelmutter is Josh Golden of CrossFit Grover Beach with a nickname of his own, “La Machina,” who motored through 483 reps (13 rounds plus 15 box jumps). Just 20 reps shy of Golden, Ryan Fischer of CrossFit Mean Streets, capped off a 3rd place finish with 463 reps.

Other notable performances on the men’s side come from Tory Morgan of CrossFit Code 3 who did 461 reps for his 4th place seat. Morgan has made significant gains over the three weeks of the Open as he finished 12.1 seated 142nd and now stands in a solid 21st in the region. 

Basile Beaty of CrossFit Mean Streets and David Millar both tied for 5th on this workout, finishing 12.3 with 459 reps (12 rounds, 15 box jumps, 12 push press).

1st - Jarett Peremutter (4th in SoCal, 27th in the world)
2nd - Josh Golden (1st in SoCal, 2nd in the world)
3rd - Ryan Fischer (6th in SoCal, 51st in the world)
4th - Tory Morgan (21st in SoCal, 180th in the world)
5th - David Millar (17th in SoCal, 145th in the world)
5th - Basile Beaty (18th in SoCal, 187th in the world)

Josh Golden (1st in SoCal, 2nd in the world)
Kenneth Leverich (2nd in SoCal, 5th in the world)
Jon Pera (3rd in SoCal, 14th in the world)


The women’s Leaderboard also saw very familiar names at the top as 12.3‘s top-five also completed a minimum of 12 rounds. The ever-victorious Kristan Clever from Valley CrossFit took home the top spot in not only Southern California, but also in the world, completing 540 reps (15 rounds). Of the three Workouts of the Open thus far, Clever has championed the top spot in the world on two of them. Andrea Ager, just 14 reps behind Clever earned the SoCal 2nd place spot and also had the 7th highest score in the world of 503 reps for Workout 12.3. Rebecca Voigt joined her Valley comrade towards the top as she completed 455 reps (12 rounds, 15 box jumps, 8 push presses) and also currently ranks 11th in the world.

Valerie Voboril (3rd at the 2010 CrossFit Games) of DogTown CrossFit makes the top-five for the second time during the Open, ending the AMRAP with 452 reps. Madelyn Curley, Brick CrossFit athlete and coach, finished with 443 reps which currently ranks her 14th in the world overall.

1st - Kristan Clever (1st in SoCal, 1st in the world)
2nd - Andrea Ager (2nd in SoCal, 3rd in the world)
3rd - Rebecca Voigt (3rd in SoCal, 11th in the world)
4th - Valerie Voboril (7th in SoCal, 74th in the world)
5th - Madelyn Curley (4th in SoCal, 14th in the world)

Kristan Clever (1st in SoCal, 1st in the world)
Andrea Ager (2nd in SoCal, 3rd in the world)
Rebecca Voigt (3rd in SoCal, 21st in the world)


The six stalwart athletes of Brick CrossFit’s Team Brick Nation led the Southern California Region and the world with a total of 2,633 reps. Brick Nation is currently ranked 2nd in the world thus far. The region’s 2nd place team on 12.3, as well as the world’s leading team, Valley CrossFit, finished 12.3 with 2,484 reps amongst it’s team members. CrossFit Invictus, who is currently 18th in the world, took the 3rd top spot in Southern California.


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