Romina “Nega” Ibarra: A Fan Favorite

Published on Tue, 2012-04-10 21:58
Thomas Patton

If somebody won the hearts, cheer and applause of the Latin American crowd in last year’s Regional, it was Romina “Nega” Ibarra.

This athlete and coach at CrossFit Tuluka in Argentina says there were many surprises for her at the 2011 Regional. “It was the first time I competed and I felt a lot of things: adrenaline, excitement, meeting new people that had the same interests filled me up with satisfaction,” she says.

It was clear to everyone Ibarra was certainly not expecting and probably had never encountered a 225 deadlift in the deadlift/box jump workout. “I definitely struggled with the heavy lifts,” she says.

But, she battled until the last second and chipped away at the workout, rep by rep, as the crowd cheered her on. It was a spectacle of CrossFit at its best and the adrenaline in the stands built up exponentially as a result of her attitude and performance.

After last year’s competition, Ibarra evaluated her shortcomings. She spent the past year focusing on more weight and heavier lifts with double days, four days a week. Right after the 2011 Regional, she began a paleo regimen, but lately attributes many of her successes to her current regimen of DiPasquale´s Anabolic Diet.

She has come from nine years of Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Arts) background, but lately, this 25-year-old CrossFitter has been more preoccupied with looking for local competitions in which to test her strengths and gain experience in CrossFit.

After the Open, she finished in 16th place, securing her a spot for the Latin America Regional in Cali, Colombia. “I am always ready. My mind is always prepared for the unknown. I think that’s the cool thing about CrossFit,” she says. “That you are always attentive, ready for whatever comes your way. I am training my weaknesses everyday, so I hope to fulfill my goals.”

One of those goals has already been met. She qualified for Regionals. Her next goal is to get to California. Ibarra is one of only four women who competed last year. The experience will also play in her favor. She is eager to show she belongs among the top Latin women.


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