Númi Katrínarson: Setting His Mind to it

Published on Fri, 2012-07-06 13:08
Carolina Baker

"The Regionals taught me that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to."


In 2010, 32-year-old Númi Katrínarson found CrossFit Nordic in Stockholm. “I heard about it from people that were doing it and they told me I should try it. So I did,” he says. “When I was lying on the floor all sweaty and totally dead, I knew this was something for me.”

It didn’t take long for Katrínarson to emerge as a force to be reckoned with in the European CrossFit Community. In November 2010, he won the Swedish SM Championship. For the last two years, he finished top 10 in the Open. At last year’s Regionals, he came in sixth.

This year, he placed third.

Katrínarson is no stranger to competitive sports and the pressure that comes along with them. “I was on the Icelandic National Swimming Team for seven years,” he says.

Katrínarson loves the whole meaning of CrossFit. “I love the exercises, the community and the mental effort it requires all the time,” he says.

This season, Katrínarson concentrated on developing his strength and his Olympic lifts. “Cardio is my strength, but heavy lifting is my weakness,” he says.

He loved seeing the results of his progress. “I got stronger and faster, so I can’t complain.”

Leading up to the Regionals, Katrínarson was focused. “I rested, I trained and I ate well,” he says.

Katrínarson relied on his strengths to get him a spot in Carson, Calif. “I’m good at Olympic lifts when they are not extremely heavy,” he explains. “Bodyweight movements were definitely my strength at Regionals. I did what I planned to do because I kept my focus sharp throughout the three days.”

Katrínarson’s epic battle against Lacee Kovacs in Event 6 eventually landed him in first place for that workout. He went into the workout calm. “I was getting tired with the burpee box jumps, but then I saw Lacee was catching up with me,” he recalls. “And then I just moved as fast as I could, and tried not to stop. I knew that if I stayed close, I would beat him in the last three muscle-ups … and I did."  

Katrínarson was most proud of his performance during Events 4 and 6, as he won them both. “But that was my goal,” he says. “The Regionals taught me that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to.”      

To prepare for the Games, Katrínarson is running, swimming and doing sandbag work. His advice to other new Games competitors is to enjoy their time there. He’s really looking forward to competing against the best CrossFitters in the world. His goals for the Games are short and sweet: “I want to win.”


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