Jonas Müller Got His Wish

Published on Tue, 2014-04-01 06:00
Tatum Vayavananda

“I left football in 2010 because I discovered CrossFit in an offseason. I fell immediately in love with it.”

It seems Jonas Müller got his wish.

“I hope they program burpees because I simply love them,” Müller said before the announcement of Open Workout 14.5.

The former semi-pro footballer was ranked 24th on the Europe Leaderboard after four workouts.

“A repeat of (Open Workout) 12.1 would be nice, but it doesn’t matter what kind of workout will come. I like any kind,” said the 23-year-old from CrossFit Turicum in Zurich, Switzerland.

After finishing 13th at last year’s Europe Regional, Müller discovered he had the potential to do CrossFit at a competitive level.

“I enjoy the atmosphere of such a big competition and I also want to compete alongside my fellow training partners, Lukas Esslinger and Beni Bachmann,” he said.

Müller played for the Football Club Zurich for almost 10 years before finding CrossFit.

“I left football in 2010 because I discovered CrossFit in an offseason,” he said. “I fell immediately in love with it.”

“Thanks to my former soccer career I’m still talented in running, so every time I see running in a workout, my eyes sparkle,” Müller added.

Müller focused on weaknesses during the offseason to be at his best for 2014.

“I had to increase my strength numbers after last year’s regionals, so I worked a lot on those movements in the offseason,” Müller said. “I started CJ Martin’s (CrossFit) Invictus competition programming and I do workouts with my training partners, but that’s more ‘bro-sciencey’ where we come to the gym and create a workout on the spot.”

Müller’s coach Tibor Külkey has high confidence in his athlete’s abilities.

“I hope to see him in the top eight at regionals,” Külkey said.

As for Müller’s strengths, “His engine and his work ethic have to be named first. Additionally, he is a talented mover, learns quickly and is patient as he improves his weaknesses,” Külkey said. “The sketches in the plans we made are becoming a reality. He is on the way to the top. Nice and steady.”

But Müller knows nothing is set in stone, and he still needs to qualify for regionals.

“The standard rises every year and it’s always an honor to compete at regionals,” Müller said. “It’s cool to come together with all the other competitors out of Europe because everyone knows each other, so it’s quite like a competition within a big family. It’s amazing to see how the community grows in Europe, especially in such a small country as Switzerland.”

“I really love this combination,” he said of the thruster/burpee couplet that is 14.5. “I want to win this in Europe ... ”

And that’s just what he did. Müller took first in Europe on 14.5 (unofficial) with a time of 9:13. 


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