Introducing the New CrossFit Games App

Published on Mon, 2014-02-24 15:32

The brand new CrossFit Games iOS app is available in the App Store.


Updated Custom Leaderboards

Make the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games Open into your own fantasy competition using the updated custom leaderboards on the Games site.

Create a leaderboard with every 40- to 44-year-old man in Wyoming, every female CrossFit Games competitor since 2010, every CrossFit addict at your work, all of your siblings, your frat brothers or whatever you want. Every registered Open competitor is at your disposal, so get in there and create your fantasy match-ups.

Share your custom leaderboards through social media, embed them on your affiliate page or blog or keep track of them in private by adding them to your "Favorite Leaderboards" list, which appears on your Competition Page.

Get started by going to or go to the “Leaderboard” menu on the top left of the Games home page and select “Custom Leaderboard” in the drop-down tab.

This year, every affiliated competitor will automatically receive a custom leaderboard that includes everyone at their box. You will be able to find your “Box Leaderboard” on your competition page, and on the brand new CrossFit Games iOS App, which is available on the App Store.

New CrossFit Games iOS App

CrossFit Games mobile app is built to bring the sport of fitness right to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Get the details for the latest Open workout and submit or validate scores. Track your standings on the worldwide, regional, Masters and custom leaderboards. Your rank is always front and center.

Share your rank with friends with the official blue globe background, or choose any photo on your device.

Personalized alerts can remind you to submit your score within the deadline, and alert you to live events streaming on Watch live events and the latest videos on the top competitors without ever leaving the app.

CrossFit Games mobile app will evolve at each stage of the season to best support competitors and fans. Expect to see changes during the regionals and the Games.

It’s all you need for some serious leaderboarding in 2014. Best of all, it’s free.