CrossFit RX’s Amber Goppert Injured and Competing

Published on Fri, 2013-05-17 19:03
Devin Webb

Competing with a wrist contusion, Amber Goppert is confident CrossFit RX can still go to the Games.

CrossFit RX finished first in the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Open in the South East. The stakes are always raised at Regionals, but this year’s event may be more of a challenge for the team than even they anticipated.

Amber Goppert, 31, a team member of CrossFit RX, suffered a wrist contusion when a shelf in her apartment collapsed and fell on her wrist. Initially, doctors thought she had suffered a bone chip to her wrist, but after a second opinion, it was determined that the injury was a bad contusion.

Unfortunately for Goppert, the movement that really irritates her wrist is the overhead squat, which happens to be her best lift and this year’s ladder movement in Event 2.

“Sonya and I were practicing 180 just the other day, and now I’m down to 160,” Goppert says. “But I know the other members of the team will be able to make up for it.”

Muscle-ups, on the other hand, have not affected her wrist, so she is confident that she will get through the Event 3’s burpee muscle-ups.

This is not the first time she has dealt with a health issue while competing at the South East Regional. Goppert competed on CrossFit RX’s team in 2012, where the team finished 23rd, but she was hit with a bout of food poisoning that seriously impaired her performance.

“It’s just a sign that I’m not supposed to compete in Regionals,” Goppert says jokingly.

Nevertheless, her team is confident she will be able to step up and perform well in spite of her injury. Kelly Levens, owner of CrossFit RX, as well as Goppert’s teammate, is confident in her ability to push through her pain.

“She’ll put pain aside for the 10 extra pounds she knows she can get,” Levens says. “You know, if she catches it a little funny, that could play a role, but she’s a tough gal. She’ll tough through it, and she’ll do what it takes to hit a big number.”

On the first event of the day, Jackie, a workout consisting of a 1,000-meter row, 50 thrusters at 45-lb., and 30 pull-ups, CrossFit RX finished in sixth place.

“We’re OK with sixth,” Levens says. “We’d always prefer to be higher, but we’re OK with sixth.”

He believes that his team is well-rounded enough to make up not only for Goppert’s injury, but also for its 6th place finish in the first event.

“We don’t have a glaring weakness on any single one of our athletes, so we’re going to do well on the muscle-ups, we’re going to do well on the overhead squats, we’ll do good at the rest of the (events),” Levens says. “We’re not going to have one of those (events) that just defeats us or that one person just can’t do. Everybody does everything well.”


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