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Iceland Cometh
Davidsdottir might indeed be Annie 2.0. Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir finishing the dumbell sprint in 4:57.   Annie Thorisdottir in the Final Event of the 2012 Europe Regional     When...
Teams of the South East
The top teams of the South East are comprised of parents, coaches, a doctor, an attorney, a firefighter and even a professional golfer. The top teams in the South East are...
A CrossFit Pioneer: Candace Hester
Before the Open ... team competition was on her mind. Six months later, Hester would be standing on the NorCal podium as an individual. Candace Hester didn’t think she would...
For the Fun of It: Samantha Petersen
"My goal always is to have fun, but I still have a competitive heart." Samantha Petersen is returning to the CrossFit Games this summer with a spirited attitude. “My goal always is to...
High Expectations: Rogue Gahanna
"Anything can happen, but I think we are a top 10 team."              ~Brandon Couden   “Last year, I would say our skill was our biggest strength. This year we have a strong team...
Lucas Parker and Jeremy Meredith are returning to the Games again. They are representing the Canada West Region after an outstanding Regional performance.
CrossFit Games veterans Christy Phillips and Gretchen Kittelberger talk about sacrifices, the mental aspect and being able to stay in the game as the competition gets tougher. 
Stacie Tovar: Training for the Unknown
"I go right to the bar, I don't like to think, I want to just pick it up and move on."   In 2011, Stacie Tovar won the North Central Regional. When she got to the Games, however,...
The Guy Who Almost Beat Spealler
Matt Hathcock held the final golden ticket to the Games heading into the last two events.   When the final day of the South West Regional began, Matt Hathcock held the last Games spot...
Rory McKernan, Pat Sherwood and Miranda Oldroyd update CrossFit Games fans about the new Limited Access tickets, talk team competition, and discuss the age-old battle: Technique vs. intensity. 
Tarasa Barnett: Fittest Woman in Latin America
She showed she was more prepared and skilled than 19 other women in the region. Mirar abajo para una traducción al español. There was a lot of hope in the hearts of many athletes and...
Individual Athletes Clean; Three Teams Disqualified
All individuals competing in the Games tested clean. However, three teams did not. To make it to the CrossFit Games, athletes and teams have to prove their fitness. As in years past, the...
Relive the riveting moments of the South West Regional, where the legendary Chris Spealler qualified for his sixth CrossFit Games with a remarkable performance. On July 13 at the Home Depot Center,...
Relaxed: Michele Letendre
"The good news is that there is still room to grow."   Three weeks after the Canada East Regional, and six weeks away from the Games, Michele Letendre is looking forward with...
Swim Test for New Games Athletes
Individual competitors must be able to swim  25 meters.   To make it to the Games, competitors have to take the plunge. This morning, all individual competitors received an e-mail. It...
Brandon Phillips and Shana Alverson are both CrossFit Games veterans. Here, they talk nicknames, day jobs, coaching, training and going back to the Games.  Video by Again Faster
From Fourth to First: Jenn Jones
"I try to eat good things, but ... a little ice cream now and then never hurt anyone."     Almost two years ago, Jenn Jones walked into District CrossFit’s free introductory class. The...
Looking to Make History: CrossFit New England
"We've all been training together since the winter, and this squad is just as capable as last year's," Hobart says.     CrossFit New England is looking to make history at the 2012 Reebok...