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Yurii Hanson is Prepared
"It's an exciting time of the year for the whole gym. Everyone is amped up ..." Photos by: Liv Swant-Johnson Kerry Hanson laughs as she recalls signing her husband, Yurii Hanson up...
Scandinavian Teams Enter At the Top
​Sarah Lindasdatter Troelsen Krarup and Ditte Jacobsen of Team Butcher's Garage weigh in on the upcoming team competition of the 2012 Europe Regional. The workouts require a lot of strength...
Mission to Carson: Apollo Lewis
"I would be super stoked to qualify for the Games. It would mean everything to my family, community and my gym." Photos by: Sayeh Azarpay At 5’10 and 185 pounds, 2nd in the Northwest...
Ashleigh Moe Bows out of Regionals
A devastating ankle injury takes out the top woman in the North West. Two-time CrossFit Games competitor Ashleigh Moe, currently the No. 1 woman in the North West, has been...
Shuffling a Stacked Deck: CrossFit New England
What do you do in a card game, when you're handed a stacked deck? If you're CrossFit New England, shuffle it.    A CrossFit Games team is a house of cards built on a wobbly foundation of...
Australia Regional Highs and Lows
Re-live the memorable moments and devastating disappoints from the Australia Regional. Kara Gordon set a world record on Event 2 in Australia.  Chad Mackay secured a 1st place finish...
Couchsurfing Copenhagen
The CrossFit community in Denmark has offered up their couches and spare beds.   The fun is in the community. That also includes friendship and generosity. What better proof than opening...
Diablo CrossFit has a great community of supporters at the NorCal Regional.
The Art of Friendship and Competition
"Even though we are competitors, when it comes down to it ... we can still be best friends and we are still going to grab some Red Robin afterwards." It is a normal day for...
Blessed and Excited: Cheryl Brost
"Each time I step foot onto that competition floor, I will deliver my very best effort." Photos by: Curtis Lloyd Two time Games competitor Cheryl Brost will compete in the North West...