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Settling Into a New Region: Jenn Jones
“I have no expectations or idea on how it’s going to shake out. I don’t want to peak in the Open. I would like to finish top-45. My long-term goal is to go back to the Games.” After...
"I missed 290, but I knew it was just because of technique, and not strength, and I knew I could get 300," Rich Froning said after snatching 300 pounds.
The Energizer Bunny: Nico van der Walt
“It is pretty inspirational to be around him because he has such a strong drive to be his best. He reminds me of the Energizer Bunny — he never quits and his everlasting energy is infectious...
Leaving it All on the Floor: Kendra Cross
“The biggest lesson I've learned is I need to have fun. I get wound up in the competition factor ... This year, I'm going to go out there and leave it all on the floor, but not dwell on what...
New Region, New School, New Team: Lauren Fisher
“I'm just looking to put my name up there in the Open ... I’m excited to see what the workouts will be this year and where I will place.”   SoCal’s CrossFit Invictus recently...
The Open begins in 20 days. Are you ready?
Day by Day: Guido Trinidad
"I am so grateful I had that opportunity to be there. It made me realize just how few people in the world actually get that opportunity and how better I can still get."   For Games...
Level 1 Seminar Staff, Chuck Carswell, Austin Malleolo, Aimee Lyons and Mel Ockerby are preparing for the Open! Are you?
Jonathan Laniel is Fired Up
"To me, there is no point in going to Toronto just to participate. Once I get there, I want to win."   This year, Jonathan Laniel’s goal is to win the Canada East Regional. “To me, there...
Surpassing Expectations: Maria Blumenthal
“I could not believe the soreness I had after. I remember thinking how different CrossFit was, and how much I liked that.”   After only one year of CrossFit, Maria Blumenthal...
What's the only thing Chris Spealler quit?
The Argentinean Promise: Anita Seccia
"I know that if I want to become a stronger athlete, I have to quit (eating) candy. Candy is my real weakness."   Anita Seccia is being considered the Argentinean promise in Latin...
Anything But Average: Zach Forrest
"I will do well over a two- or three-day event because I recover well. I don't think this is genetic; it is mental toughness."   Zach Forrest describes himself as average. This is the...
Never the Standout, Kara Gordon Aims to be Well Rounded
“I don't have any specific strengths or weaknesses and will never be that person that is just standout strong or standout fast. I am working on maintaining my well roundedness at an even...
Judy McElroy Is Challenging the Caliber
"I understand what is involved — the sacrifice, the self-discipline, the training volume. I immediately recognized the caliber of women currently in the sport and I wanted to compete against...
After collegiate baseball player Ken Battiston graduated from Eastern Michigan University, he realized he needed something to fill the void. By August of 2011, he had found CrossFit. Training at...
Winnipeg Builds Enthusiasm For the Open
"There is a level of intimidation for some people when it comes to competing. If we can turn that competition into support, more people will participate in what could be a monumental moment of...
You can register now for the worldwide 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Open.