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The Europe Team for this year's Invitational has been announced!  Two-time reigning Fittest Woman on Earth Katrin Davidsdottir will try to bring the championship back to her homeland with the help of...
Watch Team Rogue Red take on Week 1 of the 2016 CrossFit Team Series at Rogue Fitness in Columbus, Ohio.  Week 2 starts Oct. 4. 
The Canada Team has been announced for this year's Reebok CrossFit Invitational! With the home-field advantage, the team consists of 2016’s third- and fourth-place finishers, Patrick Vellner and...
2016 Invitational Comes to Toronto
The Canadians will have the home-field advantage at the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Invitational.  The 2016 Reebok CrossFit Invitational will be held at the General Motors Centre in Oshawa, Ontario...
On this edition of the CrossFit Games Update Show, host Sean Woodland, Games analyst Tommy Marquez and guest host Annie Sakamoto take a look at the top teams after Week 1 of the 2016 Team Series. The...
Reebok Reunited on Top After Week 1 of Team Series
It's déjà vu after Week 1 of the 2016 CrossFit Team Series. Week 1 of the 2016 CrossFit Team Series, presented by Compex, has come to a close and it’s déjà vu. Team Reebok Reunited sits on...
Highlights from the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games.  
Watch the 2016 Games on ESPN2 This Fall
  The 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games will air on ESPN2 this fall. Our team has created seven hour-long episodes that show the Games in a way that couldn't be captured on the livestream....
The events for Week 1 of the 2016 CrossFit Team Series, presented by Compex, were announced yesterday. Today, the Update Show crew gathers to discuss the sponsored teams that will be competing. Watch...
The Update Show crew discusses the first four events of the 2016 CrossFit Team Series, presented by Compex. Watch as Sean Woodland, Tommy Marquez and Pat Sherwood break down each event and offer...
This edition of Inside the Leaderboard honors two-time Fittest Woman on Earth, Katrin Davidsdottir. Games analyst Tommy Marquez tracks her evolution from her early Games performances to her...
CrossFit Games analyst Tommy Marquez catches up with tenth-fittest woman on Earth and Olympic gold medalist, Anna Tunnicliffe. The two discuss Tunnicliffe's Olympic experience and her thoughts on...
Don't miss your chance to compete in the 2016 CrossFit Team Series! Grab a few friends and register now.  Week 1 Workouts. 
Want to Compete in the Games?
  Saw the CrossFit Games and now want to compete in it? Here’s your guide. 1. Find a CrossFit affiliate. To make it to the CrossFit Games, you need to do CrossFit. Learn about...
2016 CrossFit Liftoff Powered by Rogue
November 3-7, 2016.   Snatch. Clean and jerk. Work out. Two max-effort lifts and a test of GPP will make up CrossFit’s second-annual online weightlifting competition which will be held...
 Tommy Marquez names his favorite moments from the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games.   
Be Part of the 2016 CrossFit Team Series
Register now. September 6 - 12. October 4 - 10. The CrossFit competition year doesn’t end with the CrossFit Games. While the Games are in the offseason, CrossFit will host the...
 Tommy Marquez names his favorite moments from the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games.